Collect Sales Tax in your Facebook Shop

The requirement to collect taxes for online purchases differs by country and even states or regions within countries. ShopTab's integrated cart provides the ability for you to capture tax payments on all purchase via the PayPal profile settings for your payment processing.

NOTE: All options in Paypal differ by country.

To activate taxes on your product sales, log into PayPal and select the Profile option and the "My Selling Tools" option. Select the "Update" option on the right side of the screen.

You will land on a page that provides the option to create your tax rate charges. Select to "Add Another Sales Tax" to start the process.

Configure how you want to charge. As an example, in the U.S. you can designate to only charge for users from a certain state or you can charge to all buyers regardless of their location. Enter your tax rate and select to "Continue."

Once the rule is created make sure that you save it and that it is "Active" in your list. If it isn't, go back and edit the rule and select to make it active as noted below.

The tax charge will not show up until after the buyer lands on the final checkout page and either logs into PayPal or fills out the credit card detail with their address. The address information drives the calculation for the tax charge.


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