I want to add products with a data file to Facebook Shop and not lose the existing products

Each time you load a data file into ShopTab's Facebook Store it will overwrite the existing products unless you follow the steps below. 

ShopTab created the ability to protect and item in a datafile upload if current ShopTab_ID is in the listing or if the client's SKU# is in the listing. To add or append listings to a file that you want to load into your ShopTab Facebook Shop follow the steps below.

  1. Download the current file in ShopTab. It will download as a CSV. This file has all existing products identified by a ShopTab ID and sometimes a SKU (if you put one in).

  2. Save this file with a special name so that we can reload it in case something goes wrong.
  1. Now, open your other file with the products listed you want to add to the existing file. They may have different headers titles but just copy and paste the information into the existing file in the appropriate columns. Example of copying a column of product titles below.
  1. Paste the column information into the file with the existing products.
    (URL Integrations will require title, price, description and link fields)

  2. Do this copy/past for the other desired columns. NOTE: you won’t have a shoptab_ID for the new products since these ID’s are assigned when the product is loaded.

  3. Save this file with a new name – make sure it isn’t the same name as the file you saved earlier.

  4. Load the new file.

The old products shouldn’t change since they already have a shoptab_ID or SKU # that tells the system they are already in the system and to protect their existing listing.

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