Create Promotion Codes in your Facebook Shop

Creating discounts through promotion codes is a key activity to successfully marketing your Facebook Shop.  With ShopTab’s integrated cart you are allowed to create an unlimited number of promotion codes to support all of your marketing campaigns. These promotions and discounts will be applied to all products that are in your cart for final purchase.

NOTE: Your Integrated Cart must be active for the promotion code option to appear. 

Below is a video on how to set up a code. 

 Or review our detail below on how to set up the different promotion code options.

Set a Percentage Discount Code

Example: You want to provide a 10% discount on all items for Cyber Monday.  Create your code, enter your discount percentage and save the code.

Note the code's reflection in the cart prior to checkout.

Set a Fixed Amount Discount Code

Example: To want to provide incentive of a designated amount on each purchase.  You may create a $10.00 discount on all purchases.

Note the code's reflection in the cart prior to checkout.

Create a Threshold Amount Option

As an option for either the percentage or a designated amount discount you may create a threshold minimum purchase level before the discount is applied.

Example: You want to provide a 20% discount on all purchases above $100.00 AUD.

Note the code's reflection in the cart prior to checkout.

The order summary in PayPal will show the discount on each item.

You can control the text that is used for the promotion codes in the "Translate" tab under "Settings" as noted below.


  • Clean up your promotion codes by deleting them periodically so that old codes aren’t used during a period when you don’t want to provide discounts.
  • You must use alpha or numeric UTF-8 compliant characters – no spaces are allowed.
  • As soon as you save your promotion code they are active in your store.
  • This functionality does not work with the URL integration or the COD checkout options.

Also, sometimes you may want to create a discount for an individual item, not for all items in your shop. You can do so with the surcharge/discount option in the product variables noted here.


Common Questions:

Q: What happens if someone puts in a code that is not active or has been deleted?
A: They will see a "Code could not be applied" text and a discount would not be reflected. 

Q: What happens if I have a fixed discount code is used and the total cart value is below the total value of the discount?

A: The code will show a zero value discount. We will not allow the user to create a negative value cart.



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