Managing your Facebook Store Orders

NOTE: Paypal functionality will differ based upon your country of origin. The information below is based upon an account in the United States.

What happens when a customer makes a purchase from your Facebook Shop

I. Notification:

You will receive an immediate email notification from PayPal that an order has been completed and payment received. You will see the details for the order in the email message.  This email will go to your email address noted in your PayPal profile under "My Selling Tools" as noted below.

If an order comes in and you didn't get a notification, check this email address to make sure it is directed to you.


II. Log into PayPal

To gain full details about the order, log into your PayPal account and all orders should appear immediately in the register. 

Click on the order/payment item for full details as noted below. Included is the product title, quantity, SKU (if used) and any options provided such as size or text input.

Below is information to manage the shipping options in PayPal for this item. In this case the client selected your economy option defined in your PayPal shipping settings.  Use the links at the bottom to print shipping labels and things like packing slips.  These options will depend on which country your PayPal account resides.

Need some more details financial or sales reports? Click on the "More" option at the top of the page and select "Reports."

You have numerous options to choose from on this page.

Also, you can note that the order came from ShopTab in the order. This may be important if you use PayPal to process orders from other sites or marketplaces.


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    Tibor Szabó

    Admin button is missing.
    I can not edit the page.
    The subscription is arranged in.
    No browser error.
    It can happen like this?

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    Bhuban Paudel


    as a admin of the page how could we view order from facebook user at our end, if the order is in COD mode ?

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