PayPal Standard Business isn't Showing the Credit and Debit Card Option in Checkout

On the final checkout page for desktop or mobile buyers with your Facebook Store they should see the option to pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit/PayPal credit options. The options should be presented as noted below.

In some limited cases, you may not see this option when you are testing or a client is attempting to buy. If this is the case, follow these steps.

I. Validate you have a PayPal Standard Business Account - noted under your profile in the "My settings" tab as noted below.

If you account isn't a business account, upgrade it to the free standard business option.

II.  Complete email verification - PayPal's support indicates that in a few situations the email won't fully verify in their system. It requires you to edit your email settings. 

Located in your PayPal profile under My Business Info.


Occasionally, this happens if the email address is not confirmed on the back-end. Note, it will show confirmed in the PayPal account but in the back-end it is not actually confirmed.

Please provide them the following steps to remove and re-add the email address on the account. This usually addresses the issue:

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