Facebook Tracking Pixel in your ShopTab Facebook Shop

Tracking the performance of your Facebook ads is critical to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns. ShopTab's Facebook Shop allows you to integrate the use of the Facebook's tracking pixel inside of all of your store pages.

I. Create your FB Tracking Pixel

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager to create your pixel. This option can be found on under the "Promote" button on your FB fan page.

Create the pixel under the Tools option.

Complete the process and email the pixel code to your email account.  Once you receive it, you’ll want to copy it so that we can paste it into ShopTab’s admin.

Log into ShopTab and select the Settings/Facebook Tracking Pixel.

Paste all of the code into the box provided on this page and save it, as noted below.

You should be all set now. You can create new ads and conversion events inside of Facebook’s Ads Manager to do some research to see the best ways to measure your performance.

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